Why We Do What We do

Frontflight Aviation was born out of necessity and the sense of community.

We saw many struggling to transit into the Commercial Pilot path - so we decided to do something about it.

We are an aviation consultancy with a focus of your best interests at heart. To get to know you and your dreams before laying out the options for the most suitable pathway you can embark on.

Aviation is elusive for most - but we aim to make it a little more accessible and more inclusive. In fact, the key strength of our team lies in the diversity in backgrounds.

Whether you want to fly for an airline, a young aspiring aviator, or someone who wants a taste of the skies - we show you the possible.

We have 2 flagship programs -
1. FAA Ground School (PPL & IR available!)
2. Pilot Experience Program (for ages 7 & up)


Whoever you are, we have something catered for you.