Frontflight Flies On A Little Day Out!

During the December holidays, the team at Frontflight Aviation worked together with Little Day Out to put together a fun and exciting program - Air Venture - for our little participants!

Our segment included a show and tell by Bryan,

showing us the behind-the-scene tools and equipment a military aviator would bring along on flights! It included a survival kit with a first aid kit, water filtration straw and even a super powerful torchlight to attract attention for help! Talk about being resourceful as an aviator.

The participants were then split up into 3 groups. They attended a crash course on navigation and emergency communication. Ray, our instructor, shared her experience of how she became a civilian pilot. The children had fun playing an aviation themed 'Simon Says', which was met with squeals of laughter when they were challenged to think out of the box! (What does NNE really stand for?!)

At the back of the hall, Teacher Karyn and her helpers (Leann, Ethan and Evan) taught our little campers how to build a shelter in the wild. Together with the children, they constructed a tent-like structure using newly learnt knots and lashings. The structures were pretty sturdy with the use of 'A frames'!

The highlight of our segment was the VR Flight Simulator, conducted in the Frontflight mobile simulator parked downstairs. The children 'flew' through the Central Business District, performing barrel rolls and had the exhilarating experience of aviation! What a great way to spend the December holidays despite not being able to physically fly out of Singapore for a holiday.

We had great fun together with Little Day Out and their campers. If you would like to experience the VR flight simulator and have as much fun as the participants, drop us a PM and we'll take you to the skies! :)

All images used above are kindly contributed by Little Day Out.