Recreational Program

Rushing to get to the airport 2 hours ahead of time to check in luggage, chop passports, make sure you get your ideal seats, no child or friend or relative gets left behind else you may miss your flight altogether. If this is the start to your holiday, it sounds stressful already!

At Frontflight Aviation, we understand the meaning of holiday. No checking in of luggage, no queuing to board the airplane, no jostling with strangers onboard. Decide which destination to go, when you want to go, who you want to take. Book the airplane, and you and your loved ones are off. This can happen when you have control of the aircraft.

- US Package
  • 4 Weeks Full Time

  • Ground School

  • Oral Preparation

  • Simulator Training

  • 15 Solo Hours

  • 28 Instructional Hours

  • Return Airfare from Singapore to our Partnering School in US

  • Transport and Accommodation in US provided

Competitive Rates from only USD$11,595 onwards!!!

Now I've gotten my licence, what next?

Sandy beaches, play a sport, horseback riding, makan sessions. Made possible when you book a plane through our partnering flight service providers. Contact us for more information. Or if you wish to turn your passion into a career, we offer Commercial Pilot Licence as well.



To introduce aviation at an affordable level and create a strong passion towards flying for all.

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To be the first class aviation consultant company in the flying and educational arena.

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